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A short history of the Cotswolds

One of the most beautiful and unique areas of south central England is the area named Cotswolds. Apart from its striking scenery and beautiful stone towns and villages, it has got the intrinsic history that draws the attention of many historians, archaeologists and history lovers around the world. As soon as you step on the streets of one of the towns or villages of the area, you will immediately realise why the area is one of the most interesting places to explore. Before you decide to go to see the stunning architecture, monuments and places that witness how rich the history of the Cotswolds area was, read more about its history on this website. On this site, you can read a short history of the Cotswolds and find out more about the places, monuments and the most influential people of Cotswolds. You will also find Morris Dancing explained. Speaking of which, this dance is the most interesting feature of the town because it is probably the only place where you can see it at its most developed. Read more about it…

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