If organisers announce an event is a sell-out, you know it’s pretty good. ‘ Folk festival takes over downtown Cambridge ‘ are just some of the posters appearing on lamp posts for which thousands descend on Cambridge. Folk music lovers always fill the streets, and a Morris dancing costume might well get a spot in this folk festival. Yes, dancing the Morris is always dancing in front of an audience, accompanied by music and with rhythmic stepping. If you are not part of a professional group, nothing’s stopping you getting some friends together and doing an impromptu English folk dance. A Morris dancing costume can personalise this festive event even more. Some of the things you will need for your costume are easy to come by such as sticks, garland, handkerchief, slings, comfortable trousers, shirt, shoes, hat, a waist jacket and of course bells. You don’t have to have bells, but attached to your costume; they naturally enhance the merry atmosphere. You can make your own Morris dancing costume following simple instructions on the internet, purchase one, or have one custom made for your specific needs. Just rest assured that wearing this outfit means you will always stand out from the crowd.

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