Are you ready to get your jig on? Before you can become a Morris dancer, you need to have the proper equipment for a Morris dancer to leave your audience thoroughly entertained. 1) The handkerchief: Although not a must, white handkerchiefs will help emphasise your arm movements. 2) Long and short sticks: Typically between 40 cm to 60 cm long and 2.5 cm thick, sticks make a ring sound when struck together. Wooden broom handles are a pretty good choice, but you can still use plastic piping if you are concerned about safety. 3) Garland: ribbon, real or plastic flower decorated garlands. 4) The sling: There are dozens of designs available, but the best would be to decorate yours with ribbons in short lengths. You can attach bells that you jingle to the music. 5) Trousers: Wear comfortable pants, go for the whites if you are brave or wear black pants tucked in plain white socks. 6) The bell: Bells enhance the music. Attach bells around your neck, arm bands or create sound pads. 7) Your shirt: White, but this is not mandatory. 8) Shoes: In most cases, comfortable black shoes will do. 9) Baldric or jacket: Dancers sometimes wear a plain color tarbad with attached ribbons, while others prefer a baldric. 10) The Hat: Choose either a cap or hat, you can also add decoration using plastic or real flower materials. One of the greatest things about equipment for a Morris dancer is that you can make it as modest or as outrageous as you want.

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