One of the most awaited events in Worcester is the Morris Dancing Competitions. Morris Dancing Competitions have retained the old traditions while adding some new things as well. Want to visit but don’t have the money right now? Check out this site to find out how you can use a text to get a loan. Dancing was generally done by bearded old men with bells tied to their ankles, but times are changing and so are the dynamics of the dance. A recent change is the women’s troupe that is slowly getting into this male dominated dancing style. In the 50s and 60s, the women were not able to practise this dance form freely. They were frowned upon for practising it. However, the number of women taking up this dance has been increasing and they might outnumber the men in a few years. The trend started way back in the 1970s, when women began contributing to folk dances in England, as a way to express their freedom. Check out Worchester Arts Academy for the whole history of how and when women started taking an active part in this unique form of dance.

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