Morris Dancing dresses

Morris dancing dresses and their colours depend on the style of the Morris dance. The costumes vary between groups and traditions. Shoes can vary with dance styles too. Some groups wear black comfortable boots while others clad in clogs. Morris dancing dresses are only complete when combined with the other dancing items such as wooden or plastic sticks, swords, bells, and handkerchiefs. Ever wondered how the Morris dance got its name? The name Morris comes from the word “Moorish”. The dance is associated with this word because dancers originally painted their faces black. Today, only some Morris dancers want to wear black face. The dance follows specific patterns, and dancers rhythmically stamp their feet. The use of traditional music instruments such as drums and fiddles and the fact that the bells are attached to the dancers’ shins make the dance very lively. Though the origin of the dance is not very precise, some of its styles are connected with dance traditions from druidic times and others from court dances first performed in Italy, before they were introduced in English courts. The modern revival of Morris dancing was pioneered by folklorists such as Maud Karpeles, Cecil Sharp, and Mary Neal. Although dance experts have disputed the uptake of this dance by women, there are groups of women or mixed gender practising it nowadays.

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