For a long time, men have dominated the world of Morris dancing. The national body of the ‘Morris Ring’ up until recently did not allow women to take membership within any of their 150 clubs in England. Morris Dancing Troupes were composed of only men, and women who paid interest were frowned upon. However, feminism awakened many changes, with equality between the sexes leading to more women enjoying activities that were once dominated primarily by men. It has also led to changes in the way women see Morris Dancing. In a recent survey, it was revealed that more than half the applications for membership to join a Morris Dance club in the last two years have been from women. A new influx of women take over Morris Dancing , in a trend that seems to be reversing the age-old imbalance. We could see women being the majority in Morris Dancing troupes in the years to come, or at least enjoy the same freedom that men have had for centuries with the dance.

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